A-Z hand painted abstract letter series

Check out the full series on iStock/Getty.

I’ve completed a series of hand painted letters (A to Z). They are all 9″x12″ on canvas sheets (my favorite size). The backgrounds are abstract, using blue, red, yellow, and green. The typeface reference is Palatino. I decided to mix the upper/lower case of the letters if a certain letterform was more interesting to me. The upper and lower cases are represented by either a solid letterform or thin outline.

These could be used as stand-alone images or combined to form words in a creative layout. Below are all the single letters, plus a word combination example. For me, the series harkens back to the letters posted on the walls in elementary school or a letter study from Graphic Design I class – they were fun to make. Share your thoughts in the comments.

A-Z abstract background type series by graphic designer Jamie Carroll
Detail of Abstract A-Z lettering series by Jamie Carroll

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