Fallen Angel – Photo composite by Jamie Carroll

Woohoo! My latest photo composite is complete. It’s titled Fallen Angel, because, why not? It’s in a style I love – A bold subject with dynamic lighting. Using Photoshop, I combined my original photography, design elements, and a myriad of dynamic effects. The result is a strong female subject with dramatic lighting and cool tones.

Below, you can see the final image and a few before and after photos. I’ve also included a ‘making of’ video and links to purchase the digital artwork as a stock image or NFT art. A special thanks to my wife, Amy for modeling for this project.

Fallen Angel: Final image and original source images. © Jamie Carroll.

🎁 Buy this image as an NFT on Opensea.

🤞 License this stock image from Adobe Stock.

Video showing the stages of work for my photo composite, Fallen Angel.

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