Visual Presentation course through edX & Rochester Institute of Technology (RITx)

For professional development, I took a Visual Presentation course through This was my first time taking a course through edX so I wasn’t sure what to expect. You can audit the course for free, but it does not include testing, graded assignments, or a verified certificate. After a couple days into the course I could see the value, so I decided to upgrade to the paid version with grading and a verified certificate. I received a 15% off coupon as a first time student.

Although the course is about visual presentation, it had a slightly different angle than merely making compelling visuals. The course integrated communication models, adding a clear focus on audience, and how to enhance presentations with visuals. The course touched on ethics and copyright briefly.

The tests tracked the video content and assignments closely. The final project involved redesigning a set of slides that implemented what you had learned in the course.

After years in the design profession you can get caught up in merely “making something look good.” How often to we pause to analyze the audience and ask key questions about how our visuals communicate the message. Although I think much of this course is review from a design perspective, I believe there is value in taking a step back to review the creative process. Who is our audience, how can we design something to communicate clearly, and without clutter? Are the visuals in the presentation adding something or acting as filler?

Upon completion, you’ll receive a verified certificate like this.

If you are interested in the course, you can find more info here.

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