iStock Battle Royale

Once upon a time, iStockphoto hosted a Photoshop competition so grueling that it deserves it’s own page for an acknowledgement. Although there were five battle royale seasons, this focuses on the iStock Battle Royale IV competition. I entered the battle royale III tournament and advanced to the second round. I won the battle royale IV competition, and was a guest judge in the battle royale V competition.

Internet Archive links 1, 2.

I will be forever grateful for the camaraderie, and the accelerated learning of photo composites I experienced in “the cage.” This was all possible, because of the great people I learned from, and the number of matches I participated in.

Above: snippet from an iStock PR announcement.
Above: A compilation I made from the photo composites I created during the battle royale IV competition, along with the tournament seeding chart and the announcement text.